New OPEN Hours !

With a little help from our friends, Stand Up Eight is now open 7 days a week, and later on weekdays! The shop is at 1113 S. King St., on the ground floor of the Insurance Service Company building, just Diamond Head of the King-Pensacola intersection, between Bac Nam Vietnamese restaurant and House of Photography. Street parking only.
Current OPEN hours: Mon~Fri 10a–8p, Sat 10a–9p, Sun 10a–4p.

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See what’s in-shop on instagram – @S8furniture

We don’t have a “gallery” page on our site, but we do Instagram photos of new and current items in the shop. Items already sold will have a “SOLD” comment posted. Our username is: s8furniture. We link instagram posts to our Facebook page, but the “SOLD” comments won’t transfer, so for an idea of what’s still available, check instagram

Handcrafted Furniture

Stand Up Eight teams with local craftspeople ~ furniture makers, woodworkers, metalworkers, upholsterers ~ to offer unique, beautiful, handcrafted furniture. These artisans are often using the wood of local trees when available, or trying to source their materials locally as much as possible. One thing for sure is that the pieces we carry will always embody the phrase, “made by hand with attention and soul.”

Selective Salvage

We began by salvaging used furniture that was bound for the landfill. Admittedly, some of it should have gone there. Two years later, we still save pieces from this fate on a regular basis, but necessity and experience dictates that we be selective ~ that we can’t save everything, no matter how much we want to. Some pieces truly deserve to be saved, others no.

The simple beauty of everyday things

Ray & Charles Eames, the well-respected mid-century designers, had a deep understanding and appreciation of objects ~ not just from a visual design perspective, but from a very human perspective that included all five senses, and a good dose of emotion. We try to emulate them. From the elegant shape of a ceramic vase, to the smooth feel of a handmade wooden box, find that simple object that calms your mind and brings beauty to your space and life.

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